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This site is being designed to highlight my Amateur Radio Interests  --  and to provide links to other local and national sites of interest to other Amateur Radio operators in this area. 


Using "Today's" technology,  the world of Amateur Radio has expanded to include the use of Digital Radio Signals processed through Personal Computer Interfaces.  This includes many Modes from Radio Teletype (RTTY),  Amateur Satellite (AMSAT), and Slow Scan Television (SSTV),  to mention a few. 


One of these Digital Modes actually allows me to send current weather conditions to the APRS network every 15 minutes, and also track my movement on a map when I am running 'Mobile" in my Van. To learn more about APRS visit the link in the Main Index on the menu to the left


Other important modes and software like Winlink, NBEMS, and Dstar can play a key role in emergency communications allowing Amateur stations  to assist served agencies from inside a disaster area when normal Internet email servers or Internet links are downed or inoperable, and still keep those agencies connected to other personnel outside their area. Links to the software are on the "Amateur Radio" pages on the top left menu.





Email can be addressed to webmaster at (replace the word "at" with the @ sign -- we are showing the address this way to prevent "spambots" from scanning and capturing the address) 




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