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WB3W Logging Program Downloads


As a result of Microsoft discontinuing support for the original VB programming software, I will no longer be able to support these programs.  I purchased the new ".net" programming software, but it only convereted about 10 percent of the code.  


The two main logging  programs are still here if you want to download but please recognize I will be unable to provide any assistance if you have problems.


Thanks for all the support over the past few years.



  File Name File Description Size

Field Day Logging

1. wb3fdl.exe VERSION 8-6-23   This is a "full" download for a new install of the ARRL Sponsored Field Day Logging program. It includes some Microsoft database and communication utilities.



PA QSO Logging

1.  wb3paqs.exe  
 VERSION 8.10.25 If you have previously downloaded and installed this PA QSO logging program prior to 8/25/2010 and want to upgrade to the latest version then just download this setup program.


This update will only create the main program and will leave all current data you have on your PC intact.


Please test this upgrade before the actual PA QSO Party contest dates...

2. wb3paql.exe The main program for PAQSO





  A basic Serial Port CW keying interface cable:  


  If you use a DB-25 Serial connector instead, then RTS will be on pin 4, DTR on pin 20 and Ground on pin 7.  
  A Parallel Port cable interface:  

























  Installing the files


The files are in a standard Windows Setup program format.


Save  to any temporary folder or Desktop on your computer., and  when the download completes either click on the "Run" or "Open" button.

 All necessary programs and database components will be installed, and a new menu option created on your "Start/Programs" menu. 






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